Sten Nilsson and Anders R Holmberg have worked together since the early 1990s. Their work has always focused on finding new treatment methods for urological tumour diseases, primarily prostate cancer. At the time DexTech was formed in 2004, Holmberg and Nilsson held one patent/patent application, and to enable the development in clinical studies – i.e. human studies – the company was formed.

2004/05 Sten Nilsson and Anders R Holmberg found DexTech.
2005/06 Development of SomaDex and CatDex for tumour toxicity.
2006/07 Pilot phase II study of SomaDex started in Mexico. External investors brought in through two share emissions that raised SEK 3.25 million. Start of development work on OsteoDex.
2007/08 Continued research and development of the company’s candidate medications.
2008/09 Patent applications for GuaDex and OsteoDex submitted. SomaDex phase II study in Mexico concluded. License negotiations concerning SomaDex started with Techsphere Corp.
2009/10 SomaDex licensed to Techsphere Corp. DexTech receives approx. SEK 2.6 million as a one-off payment for the licensing rights to SomaDex.
2010/11 The company’s application to conduct a phase I/IIa study approved by the Swedish Medicines Agency. Development work on SomaDex with the company’s licensee, Techsphere Corp, goes according to plan. The company receives a total of SEK 11 million during the year via two share emissions.
2011/12 DexTech withdraws the license for SomaDex granted to Techsphere Corp, as the latter was unable to fulfil its part of the license agreement due to internal problems. Phase I/IIa study for OsteoDex started.
2012/13 The company’s phase I/IIa study for OsteoDex concluded during the fiscal year, with successful results. OsteoDex and GuaDex granted patents in Japan, China and for Europe (EPO). Patent for GuaDex also granted for the USA. The company carries out a share emission that attracts approx. SEK 2 million.


The company initiated May 2016 a randomized, three-armed, double-blind Phase IIb study with its main candidate OsteoDex (ClinicalTrials.gov Identifier: NCT02825628). The study is expected to be completed in Q1 2018 and will then be evaluated after the last patient has undergone follow-up according to the study protocol. Positive preliminary data has already been noted in the still-blinded material, and the work to conclude licensing agreements with major pharmaceutical companies can therefore begin in 2018. A number of large and medium-sized pharmaceutical companies have shown interest in the company’s main candidate, OsteoDex, as well as the technology platform, GuaDex, and confidential agreements have been signed with them.

The company also seeks license / development partners for CatDex and PSMADex.

Share capital

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