GuaDex – Technology platform

DexTech’s patented technology platform, GuaDex, is used for in-house drug development but can also be out-licensed for other specific applications. The technology platform can be likened to a “Lego box” with multiple possibilities to build new molecules.

The platform for the development of drug candidates against cancer is based on a clinical dextran, Rheo-macrodex®. The dextranet has since been modified and developed to have two properties, it accumulates in tumor cells and kills tumor cells without harming normal cells (GuaDex). Active substances can be linked to GuaDex in which case properties can be enhanced/changed, all depending on the application.  The technology platform, GuaDex, is protected by its own patent and three global patents (SomaDex, OsteoDex, PSMA-Dex).

DexTech’s research, based on the technology platform, has so far resulted in three drug candidates with indications in oncology. The development potential of the platform is significant with many business opportunities, also outside the oncology area.

The company’s focus is on continued clinical development of OsteoDex for the treatment of cancer.

Based on the chemistry used in the development of the platform and its applications, the Company has developed a unique GMP manufacturing process (GMP = good manufacturing practice) that can be used in the production of the candidates and that can be scaled up all the way to the material needs at phase 3. The manufacturing process is patent pending in 2023.