GuaDex – Technology platform

DexTech’s patented technology platform, GuaDex, is used for our own medication development, but can also be licensed for other specific applications. The platform can be compared to building blocks, offering multiple ways of building new molecules.

DexTech uses dextran, a carbohydrate molecule, which is modified and used as the backbone of constructions of new candidate medications. The modified dextran molecule has tumour-toxic properties (kills tumour cells). There are a number of important advantages for the use of dextran in medication constructions. Dextran has been an established medication since the 1950s with well-documented properties and mild side effects. By using known substances, such as generics, combined with dextran, the relative investment risk is limited – i.e. that a project will fail in the clinical development phase. Active substances are linked to dextran, whereupon their properties can be enhanced/transformed, so that the intended treatment effect becomes more effective, whilst side effects are reduced (lower toxicity). The biological half life (decomposition time) can be modulated and made more favourable, depending on application. The GuaDex technology platform is protected by three global patents.

DexTech’s research based on its technology platform has so far resulted in four candidate medications, two with indications within oncology and one potential anti bacterial agent. The development potential for the platform are significant, with many potential commercial opportunities, even though the company’s current focus is on a clinical phase IIb study for OsteoDex.