DexTech - Know-how in Translational Research

DexTech is a Swedish research company specialising in urological oncology, mainly within prostate cancer. DexTech develops candidate medications based on a modified carbon hydrate molecule combined with active substances, including generics. The company has a strong clinical base with valuable specialist competence from its research laboratory and production for clinical oncology. Prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer in men in the western world.

GuaDex -Technology Platform

DexTech’s patented technology platform, GuaDex, is used for our own medication development, but can also be licensed for other specific applications. The platform can be compared to building blocks, offering multiple ways of building new molecules.

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Candidate medications

DexTex has used GuaDex, its own technology platform, to develop four candidate medications: OsteoDex, SomaDex, CatDex and PSMA-Dx.

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