Board of directors and executive management


DexTech’s organization is optimized based on the Company’s current needs and currently consists of one (1) full-time employee and a network of experienced advisors and consultants, who together constitute all the functions necessary to implement DexTech’s development plans. This minimizes the ongoing fixed costs and gives the Company a longer endurance than is otherwise normal. The organization is planned to be maintained at the current level for the foreseeable future. Gösta Lundgren, CFO and Head of Investor Relations, is a shareholder in DexTech and contributes to DexTech’s operations as a consultant. DexTech’s strategy is to continue to minimize administrative costs until the Company receives external revenues.

The Board’s working methods

  • All members are elected until the next Annual General Meeting. A member of the Board of Directors has the right to resign from his or her position at any time.
  • The work of the Board of Directors follows the Board’s established rules of procedure. The work of the CEO is regulated by instructions for the CEO. Both rules of procedure and instructions are adopted annually by the Company’s Board of Directors.
  • Matters relating to audit and remuneration issues are decided directly by the Company’s Board of Directors.
  • The Company is not obliged to comply with the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance and has not voluntarily undertaken to comply with it.

Board of Directors and Management

Andreas Segerros – Chairman of the Board

Andreas Segerros has long and solid experience with executive positions in the international pharmaceutical industry, in Europe, the US and Japan.
Number of options: 100,000 options privately

Anders R Holmberg – Founder and CEO

Anders R Holmberg is the founder and CEO of DexTech. Holmberg holds a PhD from Uppsala University and is a chemical engineer. Holmberg is a specialist in glycosylation chemistry and has over 30 years of experience in this field including process development. He worked at Pharmacia Corporation from 1978 to 1997. Holmberg was also Director of Development at MAP Medical Applied Products AB/Oy, 1999-2003, and CEO of MAP AB, 2001-2003. Anders R Holmberg is behind about 50 of them. published scientific articles.

Year of birth: 1951
Position since: CEO since 2004-08-09
Number of shares: 1,573,227 shares privately

Svante Wadman – Member of the Board

Svante Wadman holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Economics and Statistics. Wadman works as a consultant in real estate development. At the age of 33, Svante Wadman was the youngest CEO of a listed company, Fastighets AB Fortet. Wadman has also been CEO of several major real estate companies, including AB Bootes, a subsidiary of Custos, and CEO of GE Capital Real Estate, which he successfully established in the Swedish and Danish markets from 1996-2001. During 2011/12, Svante Wadman was also CEO of HQ AB.

Year of birth: 1953
Position since: Board member 2006-09-02 – 2013-03-12. Chairman of the Board 2013-03-31 – 2022-05-11. Thereafter Board member
Number of shares: 3,969,369 shares privately and through companies. Shareholder since 2006

Per Asplund – Member of the Board

Per studied at Stockholm University between 1970-1974 in business administration, economics and real estate law. Asplund has been active in the real estate industry for most of his working life. Together with a colleague since 1999, first on a consultancy basis and since 2005 as employees, he has built up Ramsbury Property AB, which is owned by Stefan Persson, Chairman of the Board and principal owner of H&M, Hennes and Mauritz, into an international real estate company. The company currently has a property value of approximately SEK 20 billion and has properties in Sweden, England, Germany and France.

Year of birth: 1949
Position since: Board member since 2013-03-12
Number of shares: 104,633 shares privately. Shareholders since 2012

Rolf Eriksson – Member of the Board

Rolf Eriksson holds an LL.M. from Lund University. Eriksson has previously worked as a lawyer (at Advokatfirman Vinge AB and Advokatfirman Weste AB) and as CEO of Byggvesta AB. Eriksson has extensive experience of board work in listed and unlisted companies. He has, among other things, been a board member of MultiQ International AB, listed on NASDAQ OMX Small Cap and chairman of the board of ZetaDisplay AB, listed on NASDAQ OMX First North. Eriksson has more than 35 years of experience in Swedish and international business law.

Year of birth: 1952
Board member since: Board member since 2014-03-24
Number of shares: 115,000 shares privately. Shareholders since 2011

Peter Benson – Member of the Board

Peter Benson led the formation of Sunstone Life Science Ventures and was its Managing Partner from 2007-2019. In addition, Peter Benson has extensive experience from the Global Life Science industry as an investor, founder, board member and senior executive, including 10 listed companies. Previous positions include Head of Life Science Ventures at Vækstfonden, President Hospital Care and Senior Vice President at Pharmacia AB as well as Executive Vice President Marketing & Sales at Kabi Pharmacia Parenterals.

Education: Graduate in business administration from Lund University. MA in Economics from the University of California, US, Diploma from IMD, Switzerland.

Year of birth: 1955
Position since: Board member since 2022-10-28
Number of options: 100,000 options privately

Gösta Lundgren – CFO and Head of Investor Relations

Gösta Lundgren is a business economist and has an LL.M. from Uppsala University. Since 1993, Lundgren has been active as a consultant through his own companies with an emphasis on consolidated financial statements, mainly for listed companies. Prior to that, he worked as CFO of Korbe Fastigheter KB, Max Matthiessen AB and as auditor of Osborne Johnson Revisionsbyrå AB.

Year of birth: 1955
Position since: CFO since 2013, Head of Investor Relations since 2015
Number of shares: 1,101,341 shares privately and through companies. Shareholders since 2007


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Auditor in charge:
Per Hammar
Per Hammar is an authorized public accountant.