Board of directors and executive management


DexTech’s organisation is optimised according to the company’s current needs, and consists of one (1) full time employee plus a network of experienced advisers and consultants providing all the functions necessary to fulfil DexTech’s development plans. This setup minimises fixed overheads and makes the company far more robust than the norm. The plan calls for the organisation to be kept at the current level for the foreseeable future. Gösta Lundgren, CFO, is a shareholder in DexTech and play an active role in DexTech’s business activities as consultant. DexTech’s strategy is to continue to minimise administrative overheads until the company is earning external revenues.

How the board works

Board of directors and executive management

Andreas Segerros – Chairman

Andreas Segerros has long and solid experience with executive positions in the international pharmaceutical industry, in Europe, the USA and Japan.

Anders R Holmberg – founder and CEO

Anders R Holmberg is the founder and CEO of DexTech. Holmberg holds a doctorate in medicine from Uppsala University, and is a qualified chemical engineer. He specialises in chemical glycosylation, with over 30 years of experience including process development. He was employed at Pharmacia Corporation between 1978-1997. Holmberg was also Director of Development at MAP Medical Applied Products AB/Oy, 1999-2003, and CEO of MAP AB, 2001-2003. Anders R Holmberg has had around 50 scientific articles published.

Svante Wadman – board member

Per Asplund – board member

Rolf Eriksson – board member

Peter Benson – board member

Gösta Lundgren – CFO, Head of Investor Relations