Business model and goals

Business model

DexTech seeks strategic partners in the form of large drug companies able to take on the financial and operative responsibility for ongoing development through license agreements – probably after a clinical phase IIb study on patients. Licenses are usually granted upon payment of a one-off fee followed by payments upon reaching development targets, known as milestone payments, plus future royalties on sales. Such partners have financial resources, experience of large-scale clinical studies and contacts with the registration authorities. They will also be responsible in the future for manufacture, marketing and sales of the registered medication, which can be the result of development work. Part of a conscious strategy in the drawing up of future license agreements, is that DexTech has informed a large number of drug companies of its activities by sharing non-confidential information. The result has been a number of secrecy agreements, allowing the sharing of detailed and confidential information on OsteoDex. The development of OsteoDex is currently being followed by several major drug companies who have requested confidential information. The value of a licensing agreement after a phase IIb study when the results show good treatment efficacy is deemed to be high by the board of directors.


DexTech’s primary objective is to conclude the phase IIb study of OsteoDex. The study started in May 2016. The objective is to conclude a license agreement for OsteoDex within 36 months of study start. Development work with other candidate medications is being conducted in parallel. During the various development phases, the objective is to actively seek partnerships for licensing the company’s candidate medications, or for strategic alliances to share risk and financing.

Overall objectives:

• That all patients are recruited to the OsteoDex phase IIb-study by Q1 2018
• To start licensing negotiations for OsteoDex during Q1 2018
• To find a partner for the development of PSMA binding conjugates
• Developing CatDex / GuaDex for the indication anti-bacterial agent
• Verify / develop broad-based indication for OsteDex regarding breast cancer and lung cancer