Patents and patent applications

DexTech’s drug candidates are protected by patents. The company’s patent applications have been handled for many years by Boco IP Oy AB, Helsinki, Finland. DexTech owns all patents/applications since the Company was founded in 2004. Patent applications are filed in countries that constitute major markets for related pharmaceutical products. Patents usually run for 20 years, but can in some cases be extended by up to five years for pharmaceuticals. After market approval, approximately 10 years of exclusivity applies even if the patent expires earlier.

DexTech’s patent portfolio comprises four patent families containing approved patents and patent applications that provide good protection to the Company’s drug candidates and the Company’s technology platform. The portfolio has a global geographical spread that is relevant to DexTech. The Company’s four patent families/patent applications are strongly related and each patent family is therefore relevant for all of the Company’s drug candidates as well as for the technology platform, GuaDex. The company has supplemented the patent family with a new application (2023-10) that protects GMP, the manufacturing of OsteoDex and candidates based on the technology platform. Attached below is a patent report. In addition, the report states that patents have been granted in Israel and Canada (PSMA-Dex).