DexTech strengthens board ahead of myeloma study

7 October, 2021

DexTech strengthens board ahead of myeloma study DexTech Medical AB (“DexTech”) intends, as previously communicated, to conduct a clinical proof of concept study regarding the company’s main candidate OsteoDex (ODX) effect on multiple myeloma (MM). MM, which is an incurable haematological cancer based on plasma cells in the bone marrow, causes, among other things, skeletal degradation, similar to bone metastases from prostate cancer (mCRPC). For the upcoming study, the company strengthens the Board with relevant competence in the form of Håkan Åström.

ODX mechanism of action in combination with few and mild side effects makes the preparation a strong candidate for the treatment of MM with the potential to be better than existing alternatives – especially in terms ofside effects, which with today’s treatment are often difficult. The global market size for MM in 2018 was USD 19.5billion and the market is expected to grow to USD 31 billion in 2026 (

The company’s main track is ODX’s treatment of mCRPC, but supplemented positive ODX-MM results strengthen, according to the Board’s assessment, the possibility of a favorable license agreement – an agreement that reflects ODX’s actual value. By showing ODX potential even against MM, ODX’s value can be estimated and lead to a favorable license agreement.

The Proof-of-concept study is scheduled to begin in fiscal year 2022 and cover approximately 20 patients. Partof the study kommer to be announced during the study (non-blinded study). The study is expected to cover approximately 24 months from the start of the study. The company intends to inform the market about the start of the study and more detailed arrangements once a more detailed study plan has been developed.

As DexTech steps towards further studies and indications, DexTech’s board of directors will co-opt Håkan Åström to the board. Håkan, who has extensive experience from executive positions in the international pharmaceutical industry, will be a valuable addition to DexTech’s Board of Directors with highly relevant expertise.

” Vi have now created the very best conditions for the continued work, which will benefit the company and its shareholders”

– CEO Anders R Holmberg.


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