PSMADex is a drug candidate to be used as a carrier molecule for target-specific treatment of cancer expressing PSMA (prostate-specific membrane antigen).

Preclinical data show that PSMADex binds specifically to PSMA positive prostate cancer cells. The aim is to use PSMADex for intravenous injection for imaging (Positron emission tomography, PET) and target-specific treatment (radionuclide / drug) of prostate cancer. There is currently a considerable activity in this area at several research centers.

The advantage of PSMADex is that the molecule is polyvalent, i.e. it is capable of transporting a large number of molecules of radionuclide / drug to the tumor cells, thus providing significantly higher efficacy compared to the monovalent carrier molecules that have been described in the literature so far.

The company’s platform, GuaDex, on which PSMADex is designed has a number of obvious advantages over previously described PSMA-binding carrier molecules. By selecting properties such as molecular size, degree of substitution and charge characteristics, PSMADex can be optimized for its purpose, i.e. imaging and therapy.