CatDex is a candidate medication for instillation therapy (drug administration directly into the bladder via catheter in the urinary tract) of superficial bladder cancer. The candidate is in its preclinical phase. CatDex has proved to have antibacterial properties.

This is now being studied to identify possible areas of use. The studies are being conducted through the company’s network of researchers in Mexico and focus on treating urinary tract infections and as an oral antibacterial medication, e.g. a mouth wash, and as an additive to toothpaste. The results obtained so far are promising.

The company decided that CatDex could be launched as an oral antiseptic and for the treatment/prevention of urinary tract infections.

The company believes that CatDex will thus have significant market potential in Latin America. DexTech has identified a possible development partner in Latin America for use of CatDex as an antibacterial product.